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All students and young professionals are encouraged to apply and take on these challenging positions. If you feel that you may not be experienced or competent enough for a position, that is exactly the reason why it might be right for you! All positions are for May this year to April next year.

Why Join Nspire?

Make a real difference in the lives of other youth leaders and enable them to become the next generation of innovative CEOs, Founders and Leaders in the business and technology space
Build valuable relationships with professionals and youth across Canada who will help accelerate your career and achieve your goals
Acquire professional skills and knowledge that are highly sought after and are directly transferrable to any endeavors you may wish to pursue
Be on a team where everyone strives to help each other grow and has tons of fun!

Open Positions

For more questions about any of the below initiatives, roles or positions, please email for more information.

Nspire Wide Positions

Being in the below list of positions on Nspire means that you are not fixed to any specific initiative, but rather look over the organization overall as a whole. You will be challenged with executing on a larger vision and assessing how each of the initiatives can work together to create synergy and produce greater results.

National Business and Technology Conference (NBTC)

NBTC is Canada’s largest student business and technology conference, having taken place annually for the past 14 years. The conference has attracted top student and professional talent, being a launchpad for numerous successful companies such as Tunezy, BufferBox (Google acquired) and Voltera. Past speakers of this conference include Divya Narendra (Co-founder of SumZero), Nitin Kawale (President of Cisco Canada), Daniel Debow (SVP of Salesforce), Harry Rosen (Founder of Harry Rosen), and many others.

We look forward to featuring the largest entrepreneurship and innovation competition in Canada through this conference in 2016.

Nspire Ideas Exchange

Simply building a robust mobile app is no longer considered disruptive technology anymore. Various niche markets (such as healthcare or agriculture) are in dire need of innovation through technology and this is the gap that Nspire Ideas Exchange seeks to fill. This initiative works on bridging the gap between people from various professional backgrounds, connecting thought leaders to exchange knowledge, and creating innovative solutions to niche problems.

Nspire Career Series

This initiative seeks to connect students to employers through career fairs, workshops, and other interactive events to ensure that students get hired!

Nspire Hacks

This is a hackathon series that primarily focuses on niche problems or products. Such hackathons might include a Thalmics Labs hackathon where attendees are challenged with creating an application for the Myo hardware, or a Royal Ontario Museum hackathon where attendees are challenged with creating a digitization strategy to improve the museum experience.

Nspire Hacks will also launch a large-scale hackathon as the starting event of the 2016 National Business and Technology Conference.


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