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For over 17 years, the National Business and Technology Conference has recruited top student talent to create global leaders. Are you one of them?

Make an impact

The National Business and Technology Conference (NBTC) is the culmination of student innovation and a brilliant team of hard-working people. For over 17 years, NBTC has sold thousands of tickets, partnered with hundreds of sponsors and influenced thousands of students.

Live unforgettable experiences

When you join our team, you’re part of a family. We live and breathe the passion of our work until it’s done. Even then, the things you learn, experience, and develop during your time at NBTC will be something you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Kickstart your career

The experience you’ll gain at NBTC will lead you to new opportunities. Being able to drive decisions, work collaboratively, and meet objectives will give you an advantage from the rest of the crowd.

Our Positions

NBTC Toronto
You will be leading the National Business and Technology Conference for 2018. As Co-Chair, you possess a natural leadership ability to motivate your team and execute on the NBTC ‘18 vision. Our team consists of dedicated, hard-working collaborators - we need you to take the multiple perspectives and form it into a cohesive event. Think you have the experiences and skills to take this on? Apply!
Marketing Director
NBTC Toronto
You’re ready to engage future NBTC delegates in creative and effective ways, showcasing the unique benefits and experience of NBTC. You will be responsible for creating and executing marketing campaigns to promote NBTC through a variety of media. Previous marketing experience is an asset!
Operations Director
NBTC Toronto
You’ll will be responsible for organizing the logistics of NBTC. Working closely with the rest of the NBTC team, you’ll be the main person evaluating the logistical needs of the conference and acting accordingly. If you are someone who has a keen eye for detail and strives for perfection, this role is for you!
Business Developer
NBTC Toronto
You’ll be responsible for pursuing new sponsors, contacting past sponsors, and establishing partnerships with businesses and innovators who will help us deliver impactful content. Business Development directors are responsible for maintaining communications and manage relationships throughout the entire year with sponsors and partners once the initial connection has been made.
Content Specialist
NBTC Toronto
You’ll inspire conference delegates to explore industries such as Health Technology and Financial Technology by designing impactful content sessions and experiences that immerse delegates in your industry of focus.
Graphics Designer
NBTC Toronto
The Graphics Designer will be responsible for creating for creating branding assets for the team throughout the year. Branding assets include, but are not restricted, promotional material (cover photos and posts), print deliverables (signage, pamphlets), and merchandise. Knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator, and willingness to learn new software are required. InDesign is an asset. He or she will be working with cross functional teams, such as marketing, UX design, and web development, to implement various promotional strategies. He or she must be able to communicate with various stakeholders and implement feedback.

Don’t forget to submit your portfolio or sample work along with your Cover Letter and Resume to info@nspire.org!
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