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Our Initiatives


This is our lifeblood and the organizations we run

Current Nspire Initiatives

Our current and active projects.

  • The National Business & Technology Conference (NBTC)
    Originally an indepedent initiative which formed into Nspire in 2010 to build a network of non-profit organizations.

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  • Nspire Western
    A team based in London, ON servicing The University of Western Ontario.
  • Nspire Digital
    A multi-service team serving the web development and design of Nspire's initiatives.
  • Nspire Toronto
    The regional branch of Nspire in Toronto servicing University of Toronto, York University and Ryerson University.
  • Nspire Waterloo
    A shared branch between University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University.

Inactive Nspire Initiatives

Throughout our history, we've had the joy of running these great teams.

  • Nspire TV
    A former video production team that created video content for Nspire initiatives.

    Discontinued in 2014.
  • Hack the 6ix
    Nspire's Toronto-based computer science hackatahon that was spun off as an independent for-profit organization.

    Discontinued in 2017. Continues to run independently.
  • Nteractions
    An in-house student publication about business & technology.

    Discontinued in 2016.
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